Proven Models

Custom models.
Extraordinary results.

Tailored to Your Needs

Agile, technology enabled, tailored models built to meet your exact requirements. This is not an off-the-shelf, one size fits all approach. Expect 100% tailored models that fit your company, your campaign, your needs. A combination of specifically selected technology, well sourced people, and meticulously planned sales and service activities that drive extraordinary results for you.

How we build your model

We’ll collaborate until we have a bespoke model that fits your needs. Once in place,
we’ll continuously monitor, challenge and improve the model.

For SalesSense, a model working well simply isn’t enough. We push ourselves, wanting to make the best work even better, aiming for perfection in our models and campaigns.

Simon Brown, COO, SalesSense

Powerful models

  • Tailored exactly to your needs
  • Built on decades of expertise
  • Agile enough to quickly respond to change
  • Working across all channels
  • Made possible by ‘best-fit’ people
  • Informed by close collaboration
  • Powered by cutting-edge technology
  • Optimised with smart analytics

SalesSense deeply understand sales, they are in tune with every cog in the engine, their parts and ours. They know how to align the cogs, make them turn, and, over time, make them run faster and smoother.

Ian McKenna, Sales Director, eLight Solutions

Let’s Talk

Call by call, email by email, we’re building our clients’ reputations and one of
Europe’s most impressive outsourced sales and service scorecards. But seeing is believing,
so let’s start a discussion about your campaign.

Ireland: 1890 773 673
International: +353 91 380500
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