Building Teams

Agile teams powering
extraordinary results

Outstanding Sales & Service

We’ll quickly build a dedicated, experienced, multi-talented team for your specific project. An exceptional team of listeners, problem solvers, advisors and persuaders, who can do it all from Inside Sales and Appointment Setting to Telesales and Lead Generation – a team who will delight your customers, increase sales and exceed your expectations.

An energy, a buzz

Walk into one of our centres and you immediately feel an energy, a buzz. These are genuine ‘customer delight’ centres, outsourced contact centres where individually and together, we’re looking to push the envelope on service and sales; to really listen to people, to take care of them, to deliver outstanding service and as a result deliver extraordinary results for our clients.

Great people. Outstanding service. Extraordinary results.

  • Listeners

    Great service and quality sales starts with listening, so we hire and coach listeners! People who have a natural ability to connect and establish rapport.

  • Problem Solvers

    Solving problems delights customers, and wins sales. So we coach all our team on how to identify and solve problems.

  • Persuaders

    The art of persuasion is subtle, multifaceted and inclusive. We earn trust by being genuine, open and honest, and lean on the art of persuasion to ensure we complete the sale.

  • Owners

    Bureaucracy kills creativity. To yield efficiency, speed and results we empower all individuals and teams with wide responsibility and ample freedom.

  • Boxers

    Everything changes. Our teams know that. So they switch, bob and weave, adapt – responding to change in process, need, season, competitors, customers… always agile.

  • Challengers

    What gets measured gets managed. Empowered by our cutting-edge technologies we can easily and accurately measure everything. So our teams crunch the numbers to yield insights that power performance.

  • Winners

    We are a results-orientated business, driven by players who are wired and coached to win. We leave no stone unturned in order to exceed campaign goals.

Ger Teahon portrait

There’s a time to listen and a time to speak, a time to serve and a time to persuade. Respond to the need in every moment and the results will take care of themselves.

Ger Teahon, CEO, SalesSense.

How we build your team

Your unique needs define the calibre of people we recruit for your team, and our culture determines the traits we seek in each new recruit. “We look for honesty, appetite and commitment. We’ve always hired based on attitude, we can teach the skills,” Simon Brown, Chief Operations Officer.

So many sales and service centres are grey, stiff and bureaucratic. SalesSense, refreshingly, are the complete opposite. They have done a fantastic job in building an energetic, passionate, results driven culture.

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