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The SalesSense
Operating Model

A proven model for every Opportunity

Every individual customer opportunity is unique. In the SalesSense Operating Model we have developed a process which is repeatable and allows us to take each opportunity on a journey from Design to Enrich, ensuring that our customers fully benefit from our market leading approach.


Every new opportunity begins its journey through the SalesSense Operating Model in Design. Led by the Marketing and Technology Teams we look at the combination of People, Process and Technology and design models that are repeatable across different product/market combinations, and scalable to allow you to ramp up the services in the future.


The quality of the Sell phase will determine how your opportunity will impact on your business performance. This matters to us as ultimately your success is our success too. Our Sales team is trained to build mutually beneficial contracts which meet the highest standards of performance, communication, and governance.


Once your contract is agreed our Transition Manager takes control, subdividing the planning process into the three core components of People, Process and Technology. We use Agile methodology to ensure a dynamic pace is maintained during this phase, capturing all technical details in a coordinated manner. Once your business opportunity is ready to go live, the foundations of a successful customer relationship are in place.


We are proud to adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard, and we work to constantly eliminate risk and nurture development in productivity, sales performance, and compliance. In this GDPR world where any small data incident can result in a big loss for our customers, we have a dedicated Control stage that ensures we are always vigilant. Our customer relationships last for a long time, helped by our continuous improvement philosophy and a rock-solid customer engagement model. Serious business can still be fun!


In most contracts operations is a recurring cycle so working in parallel and in harmony our Enrich phase is all about engaging with you to understand and help activate your Customer Strategy. The key output of this phase is delivering Innovation, and through our customer engagement model we will meet you at the Quarterly Business Review (QBR) to discuss ideas and seek to further increase the success of our partnership.

Customer engagement is key, and our SalesSense Governance Model ensures that we are in constant communication with our Clients across all aspects of the business, building trust and sharing a common sense of purpose. Together we take a long-term approach allowing time to continually innovate.

Simon Brown, COO

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