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How we will Partner with you

SalesSense builds Solutions for clients by combining expertise and experience across industries in a broad range of products and services. Explore our capabilities and allow us to deliver outstanding results.

  • Managed Services

    From inception SalesSense has designed and delivered managed services solutions across technology, software, fulfillment, distribution, recruitment, training, fleet management, tactical, strategic, and advisory. Choose from the solutions categories listed below and then work with our Design team to develop a managed services solution. Our SalesSense operations team will partner with you to deliver on agreed targets, SLAs and KPIs to delight your customers.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

    Let us take care of the entire business process. We use LEAN methodology to deliver processes that are efficient and consistent, and our SalesSense Governance Model will ensure you are kept informed of all key performance metrics with your own access to our portals as required.

  • Sales Oriented Service / Service Oriented Sales

    For some managed services providers Sales and Service are distinct offerings. In SalesSense we offer the two in combination as part of Sales Oriented Service / Service Oriented Sales. This ability to respond to your customers with one single point of contact, combining both Sales and Customer Care support, ensures that your customers receive a faster response and enjoy a better overall experience. SalesSense can increase the rate of sales growth and customer satisfaction simultaneously, driving customer retention and building customer loyalty. We can enable our clients to respond quickly to market changes by providing one single voice to the customer. This Sales & Service model is proven to raise Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • Customer Engagement

    Our Customer Engagement Centre opened in 2015 in Dundalk just 45 minutes from Dublin Airport and 12 miles from the UK border. With an ISO 9001 audited operating model, the purpose-built centre runs 24/7 operations across multiple geographies and time zones. In late 2019 we moved all communications infrastructure into the Azure cloud with our new partner 8x8, and together with support from Enterprise Ireland we developed our Athena data management system platform. Customer Service – both Inbound and Outbound – is a cornerstone of every business, and we work with our clients to design each customer journey to deliver on the unique experiences promised. Our highly experienced SalesSense teams “love and live” our clients’ brands, and our audited Quality Management Standard underpins our commitment to deliver exceptional standards in Customer Engagement.

  • Channel Management (incl. Build and Restructure)

    Our sales heritage needs little introduction. SalesSense was founded in 2006 to offer sales as a service. Today we have developed our Channel Management services. We can build or restructure new sales channels to help build into adjacent markets and penetrate new ones. We have experience across Dynamics365, Salesforce and other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Through our advanced cloud architecture, we can securely work within the client’s IT environments, providing a continuous stream of data to help support sales success.

  • Advisory

    There may be times when your business will need advice in reviewing customer processes or optimizing how your system performs. SalesSense offers Advisory services where our team of Subject Matter Experts across multiple disciplines will work with you. We can review your As Is and benchmark that to market standards, and we can offer advice to enable you to develop your preferred To Be.

  • Technical Support

    SalesSense is a provider of leading-edge technologies across multiple customer markets, and in parallel is an enterprise level user of industry leading customer engagement platforms. We run our development operations under one overall team, and this technology acumen in turn is available to our customers as 24/7 helpline support. We include training and after sales care as part of our overall Technical Support programme.

  • Events, Logistics, Transport & Fleet

    SalesSense can support conferences, product launches and “pop-up” customer engagement events. Working as a support service to any of the Services above, we can take care of logistics for people and technology, equipment transport, stock management and asset tracking and dedicated event support teams. We adhere to our Quality and Safety standards at all times and can ensure that we support the activation of your marketing strategy, bringing your key campaigns to life.

We are a Partner company. We continue to evolve, deliver, and enrich on behalf of our clients. Partnership is at our core and our values and methodologies allow us to work across different industries and geographies through a suite of managed services that support and enable our clients. SalesSense becomes part of your business, we design your processes, recruit your teams, service your customers and sell for you. We can do all of these or a select few depending on your needs.

Gerard Teahon, CEO


In partnership with Enterprise Ireland, SalesSense received co funding from the European Regional Development Fund under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 to build a bespoke, automated data warehouse. The aim of the project was to build best in class reporting and analytics capability, providing our clients with a competitive advantage through greater market insights and customer behaviour patterns. At the end of June 2020 this capability was launched, delivering significantly enhanced analysis, enriched data and opportunity for our teams and our partners.

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  • Customer Engagement Centre Building One, Finnabair Estate, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland​
  • Kerry Office Kerries East, The Kerries, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland​
  • UK Office KB House, Juniper Court, 4 Scott Drive, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA15 8AB​
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