Bord Gáis Energy

One partner for target driven sales

  • Sector: Energy
  • Services: Sales & Service
  • Client since: 2014

We’re hugely impressed by the calibre of the SalesSense people. Their senior management are strategically good, with a knowledgeable sales team that know how to execute. We’ve been very successful in the SME business, with SalesSense contributing hugely.

Sean O’ Loughlin, Business Category Controller, Bord Gáis Energy

The Challenge

As part of their overall business strategy, Bord Gáis Energy sought a partner for outsourced field sales and telesales for their SME business. The original tender for the provision of these services was won by two companies: SalesSense and another similar provider. Having worked in collaboration for a number of months, Bord Gáis Energy elected to have one partner only to maximise efficiencies; SalesSense were selected as the provider of choice.

This is a partnership where structure and culture is vital. SalesSense has turned the perception of field sales and customer engagement on its head by transforming the relationship with Bord Gáis Energy from a purely transactional relationship into an intrinsic extension of the Bord Gáis Energy brand in Ireland. We have done this by implementing ground breaking sales structures, recruitment approaches, training and development programmes, end to end customer experience software solutions and KPI’s and support and communication strategies.

Bord Gáis Energy requires an all-encompassing omni-channel proposition, which we deliver through Europe’s most advanced customer engagement cloud-based technology at our state-of-the-art Customer Engagement Centre.


Double digit SME sales growth in 2015


Double digit SME sales growth in 2016

The Solution: A collaborative outsourced sales team

  • We deliver a team that loves and lives the Bord Gáis Energy brand by putting in place a number of investments in our people including on-going coaching plans, bi-weekly training accompaniment, monthly appraisals, quarterly training schedules, team structure and KPI monitoring processes.
  • We ensure effective communication platforms and structures are in place for our field based roles with a strong staff development path and processes. Also, sales skills, closing, presenting, and building report with customers is a driver to our success. We set KPI targets and build commission and bonus structures to enhance performance (within industry standards)
  • The campaign has very specific and ambitious targets to meet, with the outsourced sales team and Bord Gáis Energy working hand-in-hand to reach these goals. Close strategic planning is key, as is genuine hard graft and a true commitment and desire to do everything possible to meet the targets.
  • To facilitate this close collaboration, a Bord Gáis Energy employee is based out of the SalesSense office two days per week, forging close ties with SalesSense’s key team members.
  • SalesSense grew the Bord Gáis Energy field sales team from a headcount of 22 to 79 reps in a very short timeline. To ensure a continuous pipeline of ongoing talent SalesSense ran weekly induction courses each with eight attendees over a period of eight weeks to ensure that targets were hit.
  • SalesSense also put in place a team of 16 sales processing specialists and two team leaders using state of the art secure cloud based software platforms to process all residential and business sales orders.
  • SalesSense also invested in a plethora of new trainers in order to support the teams to deliver on target.

Results/ Stats:

  • With monthly business reviews, strategic senior management and a deeply knowledgeable sales team, the business partnership has gone from strength to strength. Having successfully grown Bord Gáis Energy’s SME customer base, the SalesSense powered channel of the SME business is now the largest channel and driver of SME sales for Bord Gáis Energy. “We’ve been very successful in the SME business, with SalesSense contributing hugely”, Sean O’Loughlin, Bord Gáis Energy.
  • SalesSense won Outsourced Partner of the Year for its partnership with Bord Gáis Energy
  • Audited quality score of 99%
  • Sales breakage of less than 10%

“Bord Gais Energy/SalesSense team are truly remarkable, in a market that is seen as confusing, with multiple suppliers offering different rates and offers the field sales team have embraced the helpful energy company brand positioning that Bord Gais Energy is striving to achieve by delivering our offers, whilst living our values, in a simple way with a real understanding to ensure the customer always has the information to consider the plan presented.

This sales team has delivered its numbers consistently and have been trending at an average we have not seen in field sales previously all the while keeping complaints at a level well below 0.01% of sales which shows that they really truly live our value of integrity.

The other positive with this team is the continuous feedback that comes from the field last year we launched a very successful product for a segment of the market that had been difficult to switch through all our sales channels and the product idea was generated by the field sales team and rolled out successfully to them allowing them to increase weekly sales by around 10% each week.

We are delighted to work with such a high performing team that we can rely on to hit its targets every month and often make up for under achievement in other channels.” – Gavin Harper, Bord Gais Energy Residential Channel and Product Manager

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