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  • Market: Medical Technology
  • Services: Distribution
  • Client since: 2021

As COVID-19 builds awareness of the importance of clean and safe air, SISK Healthcare turned to SalesSense to drive sales of VIRUSKILLER air technology into businesses in Ireland.

Brian Fenton, Sales Manager Decontamination Solutions and Technologies, SISK Healthcare

To provide medical-grade decontamination technology to non-hospital environments, SISK Healthcare and SalesSense Health formed a partnership to bring VIRUSKILLER clean air technology to non-hospital markets. The VIRUSKILLER product range ensures the removal of airborne pathogens, bacteria, and Coronavirus from the air. The range comes in various sizes and caters for everything from small offices to 165m2 large public areas, allowing a safer return to open spaces in line with government protocols.


SISK Healthcare is a leading European Medical Device distributor headquartered in Ireland with a presence across 15 European markets. SISK Healthcare represent the world’s leading medical device manufacturers across 30 specialties. Employing over 400 people, SISK Healthcare is the medical device arm of Uniphar Group. Together they represent a committed, highly trained, and experienced group of professionals. They are more than just a distributor; they are a total solutions provider offering best-in-class decontamination solutions to the healthcare industry for over 25 years. SISK Healthcare’s mission is to restore employee and customer trust using technology to protect against Coronavirus.


SalesSense Health is the business division with SalesSense International that delivers a range of managed services and sales solutions in the MedTech space. Working closely with SISK Healthcare we are accelerating access to non-hospital markets, recognizing the COVID-19 driven urgency of providing medical-grade decontamination solutions to businesses as they manage their return to work. The partnership involves marketing, sales and customer engagement in both vertical and geographical markets.

Working with SalesSense helps us achieve our goal of exposing VIRUSKILLER technology to new territories, with a model that can be rapidly scaled to meet customer demand.

Katie Molloy, Marketing Manager, SISK Healthcare
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